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Thumbnail image of the 1st page   Title: Letter from Robert Muir, Jr., Salina, KS, to brother John, Randolph County, Illinois.
Author: Robert Muir, Jr.
Date: August 11, 186? (exact year unknown, believed to be 1862)
Type: manuscript
Physical description: 1 sheet (2 p.) ; 7.5 x 9 in.
Notes: Letter mentions the Kansas State Company "running a 4 horse stage through here now 1 a week." The Kansas State Company began service from Fort Riley to Fort Larned in August 1862.

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11 August 1862

[Written on the top margin sideways] Write soon and let me know all about Bryce, you know. [If] he is succeeding in the bakery business and how many acres of beans and corn you have in. Tell father to ________ laborurs [sic] and _______ the price.

Dear Brother

I received your letter last week and was happy to hear that you have had such a bountiful harvest and the prospects of being abundantly rewarded for the amount of toil and labor you have given your corn and bean crops. You certainly ought to feel thankful for being blessed with such an abundance of rain for without it our labor is in vain. But when there is plenty of rain and crops is looking well labor is a pleasure to Mr. Farmer. He can go along whistling by the plow feeling confident that he will have plenty to eat for himself and cattle. It seems to me that with such big crops of wheat, hay, corn and beans that father ought to [have] hoisted out of the mud considerable this year. I have no doubt but he is walking about whistling Yankee Doodle the half of his time at the prospect. I can't send you such cheery accounts of the crops here this year. As you know it is my first attempt at farming for myself. Must acknowledge that I feel a little discouraged at the way things has done this year. It is probably on account of making such large calculation in the spring that I did. The spring opened beautiful and everything looked so promising that I felt quite certain we were going to have a good season and make a good crop which would have been a great benefit to us this year in getting things that we very much need. But we will have to get along the best way we can this year and hope for better things next. Mother wanted to know how your seeds done. We will have but enough of potatoes for seed for another year and the other seeds just done about the same enough to save the ____ for another trial, but I would certainly like them to do a little better. There were but very few of the peach seeds came up. They have not been froze enough but I expect they will come up by another spring. You wanted to know how Willie was pleased with his team and how they were doing. Little Doll works well where ever we put her and has grown a great deal this summer. The gray's eye is perfectly sound now and no appearance of troubling her any more. Willie is highly pleased with her. I am as well pleased with mine as I can be. We will have half a crop of corn. Yet there has been plenty of rain lately but it was a little too late for us. Our corn being late corn will be pretty good. We have 18 acres of land ready for wheat. We will put in 30 acres altogether. I expect you will be well pleased to hear that we did not get the mail contract ________ well satisfied myself now that we did not get it when ___________ did not do well. The Kansas Stage Company got the contract and is running a 4 horse stage through here now 1 [once] a week. ___________ has been out on the buffalo range the last two weeks. We __________ today. They were doing well this trip. I hope so far as yet they have not _____________. I will have to quit for I am out of paper. Remember me to all, little Johnny Robert Stirling and all.

Your Brother Robert Muir


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