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Thumbnail image of the 1st page   Title: Letter from Robert Muir, Jr., Salina, KS, to his parents, Robert, Sr., and Jane Muir in Sparta, IL
Author: Robert Muir, Jr.
Date: January 5, 1868
Type: manuscript
Physical description: 1 sheet (4 p.) ; 5 x 8 in.
Note: Letter mentions Jane Muir's visit to Kansas and that brothers Bryce and John are in Saline County.

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5 January 1868 Salina

[Written sideways in the margin at the top of the letter] Tell Jean I heard she was married last week and that we wish them a happy and contented life. She might give us an invitation.

Dear Parents

I have been somewhat tardy in answering your letter which I received some time ago and no doubt you have been looking for an answer for some time. Well I must confess that I am getting very backward at taking the pen. Well, Mother we was right well pleased to hear that you had arrived home safe and sound none the worse for your visit. For while you seem to have enjoyed it very much, you can't imagine the amount of satisfaction it gave us not only in seeing you, but in knowing that you were well pleased with our situation and prospects. Things has been moving along pretty much the way they were when you were here with the exception of the ague which is pretty much quit. We have been very busy gathering corn and getting ready for cold weather which seems slow in coming this year. We have had but one severe storm. This far the balance of the time there has been so little frost we might have plought [plowed] right along. We have fed our cattle but very little hay yet, and I believe they are looking as well as when you saw them. Money is still very scarce and consequently produce of all kinds is very low especially if offered for cost. I sold enough corn at ninety cents to pay my taxes but will hold on to the balance till nearer spring with the expectation of getting from one and a quarter to one and a half per bushel and I believe I will get it. The presents you sent our little boy came to hand all right. He has worn the little coat to church twice. It fits him the most kind and when I tell you that he fills it up pretty full you will have some idea how he has grown. We took him to town to get his ear fixed, but the doctor was not at home and we did not get them tied and we still have let it go past. The fact is I feel a little afraid to meddle with them, but still intend to have it done soon. Bryce and John has been out west about forty miles hauling cordwood since about the first of December. They get 5 dollars per day and found in everything but corn for their teams. They expect to be out this month and perhaps longer. They will have quite a nice little sum by the time they come in. I am glad of it for John needed it. His summers work did not turn out very well. Willie is going it cooking and washing the dishes. I think if you could send out a young woman now there would be a splendid chance to make an impression and slip in as a partner in the establishment on the creek for I know he is getting tired of it. He has about a thousand bushels of corn. The apples we got just cost us 10 cents per pound, cost of barrels included and one pound is easily worth 2 of the apples we get here. When you write let us know if father if talking any of selling and moving out. We are all well hoping this may find you the same.

From your loving son Robert Muir


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