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Thumbnail image of the 1st page   Title: Letter from Robert Muir, Jr., Salina, KS, to his parents, Robert, Sr., and Jane Muir in Sparta, IL
Author: Robert Muir, Jr.
Date: May 6, 1866
Type: manuscript
Physical description: 1 sheet (4 p.) ; 4 x 6 in.
Note: Letter mentions the baby and that a new church and schoolhouse are going up in Salina.

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[In the same envelope as the letter for 18 Mar 1866]

6 May 1866 Salina

[Written on the top margin] Tell Uncle Ben that I am well pleased with the mare. She is a splendid worker. Write soon and let us know how Janet is and all the rest.

Dear parents

I have put off writing longer than I ought to but I hope you will excuse me as I have been so busy this spring that I scarcely know what to do first. I have had John working for me for six weeks and could give him work all summer if I was sure of raising the money to pay him. But I must try to get along myself or it will take all the spare money I have got to keep me going until the crops come in and I don't like to contract for anything unless I have got the ready money or know where it is coming from. We have a remarkable backward spring with a great deal of very disagreeable weather caused by high winds, which has nearly ruined my prospects for wheat. I intend plowing all but 3 acres of it down and putting it
in corn which will give me 26 acres of corn this year, 20 acres of which is now and part of it coming up. I consider I have a better chance for corn this year than I have ever had before. I ploughed the land with 3 horses running as deep as they could pull it along through a deep black soil rich enough for my purpose. Well, Mother, we are very thankful to you for the advice you gave us in your last letter in regard to the training up of our little son. I hope we may be enabled to set him a good example and train him up so that he will honor and obey us and make a valuable member of society. He has had good health so far and is growing very fast and is quite a strong little chap. At times I am a little afraid we are going to have a pretty high temper to deal with but perhaps it is too soon to judge as he gets older we will know better. John intends breaking up some land on his claim this week to put in sod corn so that he can preempt by the 5th of June, the time set for him to appear at the Land Office to make good his claim to the land. We are all well and hard at work putting in crops and improving our places. I put out a lot of apple & peach trees & 15 grape vines of the most improved kind. In fact, there is more improvement going on in the settlement this spring than ever was before. There is a new church & school house going up in town this summer, both pretty good buildings for a frontier settlement. I must close. Hoping this will find you all in good health. Nancy joins me in sending love to all.

Your son Robert Muir

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