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Missing original
  Title: Letter from Robert Muir, Jr., Salina, KS, to his parents, Robert Sr. and Jane Muir, in Sparta, IL
Author: Robert Muir, Jr.
Date: June 18, 1865
Type: manuscript
Physical description: n/a
Note: Letter contains first mention of Muir's bride, Nancy Kenison. The couple were married April 30, 1865. Original letter is missing.


18 June 1865

[Copy of letter sent to Lois & Bill Lower-do not have the original]

Dear Parents,

I have been very negligent in not writing and there is no use in me trying to apologize any farther than just by saying that I have not wrote through sheer carelessness, lazyness or something close, but I will try and do better in the future. If nothing else I ought to have wrote sooner thanking you for your kindness in sending us such nice presents. The lamp is one of the handsomest I have ever seen and we are very proud of it. I prize it more on account of you being the donor, mother, than anything else. In fact, I prize everything that came more highly on account of those that sent them than the real value of the articles sent.
Well, Mother, you are no doubt wondering how I am getting along in the married life. I would just say finely. Nancy and I think all the world of each other and, so far, have been living very happily together with a good prospect of continuing same. It is a wonderful change for the better so far as I am concerned, over the old system of baching [sic] it, which was miserable, at best. Everything seems like home now. Every little want attended to and that willingly and with pleasure. The fact is, Mother it is only 6 weeks since we were married and in that time, I have put on more clean socks and newly washed pants and received more encouraging smiles when difficulties lay in my path, than I have during all the rest of the time I have lived here, which is saying considerable; and I might wind up by saying that I am well satisfied with the step I have taken and would advise everybody similarly situated to go and do likewise.
In regard to crops, stock and everything else, we are prospering and getting along well. I never seen crops looking as well in Kansas as they are doing at present. We have 30 acres of corn, 17 of spring wheat, 6 of barley, and ½ acre of potatoes looking splendid and promising a large return. The wheat is rather short of straw, caused by a severe drought in May but it is well headed and I think will give 20 bushels to the acre, unless struck by rust, which is rather uncommon in this country.
We have had terrible heavy rains here in the last two weeks, filling every slough and low piece of ground with water. We look for the streams down booming in a few days, higher than they have been or several years.
Well, Father, I would like to have you out here to take a ride round with me amongst the stock and see the horses and cattle wading to their knees in the best of grass and just shaking fat. Even milk cows that was turned out this spring in anything like fair order would make good beef now. Our yearling colts are looking splendid and are seldom ever that far away but I can see them from the house and nearly every night come home and lay down for the night. My gray mare has got one of the finest colts this year I ever saw. It is not very large but can't be beat for shape. I had a good judge looking at it yesterday. He said he did not believe it could be beat in the state. Both mare and colt is very fat. This would be the place for your big ______. Willie is down at Leavenworth at present for a machine; it will cost 250 or 75 dollars. He expected to have been home last night but I don't look for him now for several days on account of wet weather.
No more. We are all well, hoping this will find you the same. Nancy joins me in her love to all.

From your affect son, Robert Muir

Bryce is still at work for Mr. Jones for 60 dollars per month. He seems to be well satisfied with the country. He has got a splendid claim but cost him a pretty good price. George started out west yesterday driving team. He also got a good claim.


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