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Thumbnail image of the 1st page   Title: Letter from Robert Muir, Jr., Salina, KS, to his parents, Robert Sr. and Jane Muir; Randolph County, IL
Author: Robert Muir, Jr.
Date: April 4, 1864
Type: manuscript
Physical description: 1 sheet (2 p.) ; 7.5 x 9.5 in.
Note: Letter mentions receiving likenesses from the family and the arrival in Saline County of newlyweds, Tom and Jane Anderson.

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4 April 1864 Salina

Dear parents,

I received your letter some time ago and was very happy to hear that you were all in good health and getting along so well. We were very glad that you was able to fix up about the wagon without us needing to send any money through it is such a risk sending money by mail in this country and it is the only convenient way we could have sent it. Mr. Anderson & wife arrived here a few days ago looking well although they had a very stormy trip from Leavenworth up here. I was afraid Mrs. Anderson would be the worst of it, but she seems to be pretty hardy and well cut out for a pioneer's wife. They were down to eat supper with us night before last. She seems to enjoy herself first rate at the bachelors board. Well Mother we are very thankful for the things you send us but especially for your own and father's likenesses. I am unable to express my feeling when I opened them and looked. I believe I recollected all the little kindnesses I ever received from you and longed to say father and mother and hear you speak in return. You have both changed a good deal in the last two years especially you Mother. There is something about your likeness that I cannot understand. It is either not a true likeness of you as father's is of him or you have changed wonderfully. Both Jean and Tom say it is exactly like you, but somehow or other I cannot let myself think it. I wish you would say in your next letter whether you thought it a true likeness or not. You can tell James and Janet that we are well pleased, I might say thankful for their likenesses and think they are looking first rate. Their little boy seems to be quite a stout little fellow and real good looking. I feel quite proud over little Johnny and Robert's likeness. Robert has grown to be such a big fat fellow I would not have known him, but Johnny I knowed at first sight. I always thought him the finest boy I ever seen and I still think it yet, but you must not tell James. I wish John and Ellen had send theirs along too. The things you sent came all right. I hope we may be able to send you something in return before long. The wagon William made us is not quite as well finished as the old one, but if the material is good that won't hurt her. We are very well satisfied. We are having a rather stormy backward spring, but it may prove an advantage to us as the ground is getting pretty well soaked to begin the season with. I will close hoping this will find you all in the enjoyment of good health as it has us. Write soon and tell us about the boys.

Your afectate [sic] son Robert Muir

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