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Thumbnail image of the 1st page   Title: Letter from Robert Muir, Jr., "Valley Home," Saline County, KS, to his bother John, Randolph County, IL.
Author: Robert Muir, Jr.
Date: February 15, 1863
Type: manuscript
Physical description: 1 p. ; 7.5 x 12 in.

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[On the back of his parent's letter (#13) was a letter to his brother]

15 February 1863 Valley Home

Dear Brother

I expected a letter from you last mail in answer to one I sent you about a month ago. I was disappointed and don't like it much for I will be gone out on the range before the next mail comes in and I won't be in for a month. That's a long time to be without mail. I wish you would try and be a little better. I seen a letter in the Chester Democrat from Bill Willson giving a description of the Murfreesboro battle. The Sparta boys must have fought tremendously to have held their own as they were. I am sorrow[sic] so many of them fell, but it can't be helped. It is only the result of war. Well, John, I am getting a little disheartened when I look back over the past year and see how little has been accomplished by our army. It seems to me things look darker at present than they done one year ago. The democrats in your own state is talking treason out boldly and nothing is done. Why does not the military take hold of them and hang every last one of them. If something of that kind is not done by the end session of Congress they will [do] it all their own way. Then look out. The country goes under. Try and get some tobacco seed from Mr. Beard and send it in your next letter. What I got last did not grow.

Your Brother Robert Muir

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