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                  301 W. Elm - Salina, KS - 67401 

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Library Hours

                 Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
                 Friday & Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
                 Sunday 1 - 6 p.m. 

Speakers Bureau

Library staff members are available to speak to groups, clubs or organizations about various library services or programs. This list represents the offerings from every department in the library, and covers all aspects of the library’s interests and operation.

To book a speaker, call the library at 825-4624 and ask for any of the staff members listed here.


Angela Allen Angela Allen
Head of  Information Services 

Information Services Overview 
Information Services is a multifaceted department that includes collection development, the Campbell Room of Kansas History, and interlibrary loan. See how the librarians in the department connect people with information of all kinds, and discover what role the Information Services department plays in the library and its involvement with print, audio, ebooks, databases, microfilm and more. 
30-45 minutes

Campbell Room of Kansas History
The Campbell Room of Kansas History is a great local resource for Kansas history, particularly Salina and Saline County. Historians and genealogists will find a treasure trove of useful information in the collection.  
30-45 minutes

Virtual Library at Salina Public Library
Salina Public Library is the gateway to numerous resources, many of them available from a home computer. Foreign languages, small engine repair, health and medical periodicals, lists of books to read, white and yellow pages from across the country, downloadable ebooks, magazines and audiobooks are only a click away. 
30-45 minutes  
(Requires a screen or wall suitable for showing images, and an Internet connection)


Lori Berezovsky Lori Berezovsky
Community Engagement Coordinator

Where Does Your Library Go? Outreach Services
Library services are not confined to the library building. Learn about the staff and makeup of the Outreach Department, and discover where Salina Public Library goes and how we connect with the community.
30 minutes



Nick Berezovsky Nick Berezovsky
Head of Acquisitions and Cataloging

Acquisitions and Cataloging Tour
Come to the library and go behind the scenes for a tour of the library’s processing department. Learn how library materials are ordered, cataloged and prepared before they hit the shelves.  
30 minutes

Morgan Davis Morgan Davis
Community Learning Coordinator

Behind the Scenes with CLASS
CLASS catalogs are seen around town, and people are talking about CLASS. This is an opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the library’s one-of-a-kind, grassroots, community-based organization. Learn about the program’s history in Salina and everything from how instructors are selected to how courses are priced. 
30-45 minutes 
(Internet connection required, along with a screen or wall appropriate for viewing)

Helen Gregg Helen Gregg
Technology Trainer

Add SPL to Your Teaching Toolkit
Take a tour of the library’s virtual resources available to teachers and students. Participants will be guided through the resources and their uses in the library’s computer lab or on the teacher’s classroom computers. Teachers or those working with youth in grades K-12 will find helpful tools in this presentation.
30-45 minutes
(Internet connection required, along with a  screen or wall appropriate for viewing)

Internet Job Searching: It's More Than Virtual Pavement-Pounding!
According to recent surveys, half of the employers in the U.S. use social networking during their hiring process. The reality for job seekers is that their social media presence has an effect. This presentation explores how recruiters/hiring managers are using social media as well as tips for using social media strategically.
45 minutes-1 hour
(Internet connection required, along with a  screen or wall appropriate for viewing)

Kristi Hansen Kristi Hansen
Head of Youth Services

Playing is Learning
Children learn by playing. Discover the different types of play and how each of them helps children prepare for school and fosters a love of learning.
30 minutes

6 by 6: Six Skills to Build Your Child’s Future
There are six skills children need to know by the time they are 6 years old in order to succeed in school. Learn what the six skills are and how easy it is to teach them to babies or toddlers.  
30 minutes

Picture Books 
Books are usually shelved by author, but the picture book section has undergone a makeover. It might not be traditional organization, but it will make it easier for you and your child to find just the right stories.
30 minutes

Youth Services Overview
Youth Services is the place to be for children who want to have fun while learning. Discover about exciting programs and services, visit the Imagination Station (complete with a cupcake house), and see what the library has to offer for children of all ages during this in-house tour.
30 minutes


Melanie Hedgespeth Melanie Hedgespeth
Technology Center Manager

Technology Department Overview
The library utilizes all kinds of technology besides computers. Learn about the technology used behind the scenes at the library, as well as tech provided for use at the library or from home.
30 minutes

Apps & Open Source Software
Tired of spending so much money for software? Explore applications, such as Evernote, and open source options, such as Open Office and Workflowy. Best off all, they are available at low or no cost. 
30 minutes

What Can Joomla Do For Me?
Need to create a new website? This informative presentation will show you how to utilize Joomla, an award-winning open source content management system, to easily create and maintain your website for years. 
30 minutes

Cloud Computing
It’s possible to save computer documents to “the cloud." It is no longer a requirement to load things onto your local computer or house servers. Take advantage of the wide variety of cloud computing options available today, and experience the freedom of working in “the cloud."
30 minutes 


Nancy Jo Leachman Nancy Jo Leachman
Information Services Librarian

Using Reference USA 
This database provides both business and residential information for the United States. It can be used for many research needs including vacation planning, marketing strategies and hunting for relatives. It’s like have a city directory to the whole country. 
30-45 minutes

Using Novelist Plus
This is a terrific resource for finding that next great book. Read reviews, find out what is next in a series and learn author read-alikes for those authors you love. Accessible from your home computer, it includes both fiction and nonfiction. If time allows, this talk can include favorite websites for readers. 
30-45 minutes.

History on a Piece of Cloth: Kansas Flour Sacks
A fascinating collection of over 100 Kansas flour sacks are used as a vehicle to learn about the depression era, especially in Kansas. PowerPoint slides are augmented by several actual sacks for personal examination. The collection is predominantly from the 1920s through the 1940s. These are not calico fabric sacks, but are printed with the name, location and logo of the mill. They are mini-billboards of their time, expressing political views, advertising trends, marketing schemes, cultural themes, nutrition advancement and more. The audience will be given time to ask questions and share their own stories.
1 hour
(Requires a site with Internet connection and projector)


Dianna Waite Dianna Waite
Head of Circulation

Storytelling for Business Success
Stories can inspire everything from understanding to action. They can create a foundation that an entire workplace culture can build upon, and they have the power to break down barriers and turn a bad situation into a good one. Stories can capture our imaginations and make things real in a way that cold, hard facts can't. You will come away from this presentation with specific tools to help create the story of your business or organization.
1 hour

Circulation Department Overview
Take a look at the work performed by the library’s circulation staff. Learn what happens when books are checked-out and checked-in, as well as how many items were checked out in the past week and what the top-circulated book of the month is.
30 minutes

Values-Based Service Mini-Workshop
Customer service is an often used term but what does it mean? In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to create customer service goals based on the values that are important to your organization. 
1 hour